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2011-09-04 18:13:18 by FunnyCop

This > /419110 < Is not the same as this > /443728 < the second is extended. I didn't feel like re-uploading the second version since there is still work to do on it.


2011-05-07 11:33:16 by FunnyCop

A talented artist added lyrics to my song A Long Time Ago (WIP)
A Long Time Ago Remix

A Long Time Ago is finished <-A Long Time Ago->

MYDBoi And Hampstercake

2011-04-05 17:04:22 by FunnyCop

Hey everybody check this guy out, I'm not a fan of rap but hes pretty good.

"Hey check this out"


2011-04-04 11:03:03 by FunnyCop

I'm so happy that I don't have any flash/audio reviews voted as not helpful, it makes me feel good that my well thought out comments are popular among the public. :D


2011-03-25 19:01:29 by FunnyCop

Holy fack all my shit was erased from my computer :\ but I have my computer working :D now i need to import my songs from my ipod xD

Getting Started

2011-03-19 09:22:17 by FunnyCop

I submited two pieces of music. I hope I get approved soon. :D